7 Things To Consider When Choosing A Self Self Storage Facility

Sometimes people have too much stuff to keep in one place, or they need to keep it somewhere while they’re not around. Self storage is the answer to this problem, whether it’s a homeowner with more things than their house can hold or a college student keeping things in their college town while they head home for the summer. There’re over sixty thousand facilities around the globe and most of them are in the United States. Should you find yourself in need of choosing a storage facility, keep reading to learn the 7 things to consider.


1) Do you need climate control? If you have climate or temperature-sensitive materials to store, look for facilities that have at least some indoor storage that stay heated and air conditioned.

2) Do you need indoor access? If rain happens often where you live, you don’t want your things to get drenched when loading and unloading. An indoor facility lets you move down hallways instead of outdoor alleys.

3) Are there security cameras? Most self storage Calgary facilities do not have 24/7 personnel available on-site, but there should be at least an on-call button to a tech support number as well as security cameras watching over the entire property. Sometimes you can even log onto the Internet and see a live feed of your rented unit.

4) How easy is the gate? Some facilities, especially older ones, might require a code to be put in and then have you jump out and open and close the gate physically. Not only is this inconvenient, it’s not all that safe at night. Facilities with manual locks should definitely be avoided. Only go for ones where you type in a code and drive in.

5) How convenient is the location? Self storage facilities make money based on the space they lease out, so sometimes they pack their units in pretty tightly. They also build on whatever odd-shaped pieces of land are available. While access to a major road is convenient, the higher real estate prices can mean higher storage fees. Also make sure that you can get your vehicles in and through a storage facility, as maneuvering a cargo truck is sometimes a difficult task.

6) Can you customize the contract? Most locations are pretty flexible and friendly in terms of the contracts they’ll let you sign. Specifically, that means they’ll let you pay the whole duration in advance if you want, and you can choose how many months you want. In some cases, you might only need a single month or two, like if you’re putting things away while between selling one house and moving into another. Just make sure that if you pay for the whole term in advance that you get reminders when it is up so you don’t forget and wind up with warnings about your contents being auctioned off.

7) Is there a light and an outlet? Sometimes aspiring bands practice in storage units where they have cheap room and no one cares about the noise. Electricity is handy for the amps and mics.

Now that you know 7 considerations to keep in mind, you can find the right self storage facility for your needs.

Choosing a furnace repair company in Calgary

When considering a furnace repair Calgary, getting the job done right is important to keep your family safe and warm even through the coldest winter. When furnaces are in poor repair, they can leak lethal carbon monoxide into your home, and if your furnace fails during a cold snap, frozen or burst pipes could cause damage to your home. Make sure you hire the best Calgary furnace repair company using these considerations.

Guarantees and warranties

Companies like Celtic HVAC/R that are confident in their work will usually offer a written guarantee or warranty to their clients for all work that is done. This protects their customers from paying extra for any unexpected problems they might experience, and ensures that the company will do it right the first time. If you are buying new equipment, be sure to ask about the warranty offered by the manufacturer, and if claims can be made through the installation company. You can also learn more about a company by checking here www.bbb.org/calgary


Before hiring anyone to do work in your home, be sure that the company has appropriate liability insurance. This insurance protects customers from paying if workers are injured on their property, and every contractor who does work in your home should be insured.


If you have a furnace problem during the winter, you will need service right away! Choose a company that has an emergency number, and provides urgent services every day of the week. Also ensure that they employ enough technicians that they will be able to respond to urgent calls no matter how busy they are. This doesn’t mean it has to be a big company, just that they won’t leave you without heat if they’re busy.


Because your heating system is so important to your comfort and safety, be sure that anyone you hire to work on your furnace has the right experience and training, and has been in business at least five years. Furnace installers should be licensed gas fitters, and they need to be able to pull the proper permits in the city of Calgary. Be sure the company you hire has experience working on the type of equipment you have in your home, and consider finding a company that has certifications from the manufacturer of your equipment.

Referrals and references

The best way to find a good Calgary furnace repair company is by referrals from family, friends or neighbors who have been happy with their service. If you don’t know anyone who has hired the company you are considering, ask the company for references from their clients. Be sure to contact those references and ask them the following: if they have used their services for several years, how well their systems ran during those years, if the technicians were clean and punctual, and if the company was able to respond to emergencies quickly.


When looking for a good furnace repair company in Calgary, be sure to consider how long the company has been in business, what warranties they offer, if they have the appropriate insurance and training, and if they have good references. By hiring the best, you will be able to keep your heating systems in good condition for years to come.